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“Spartan” is a collaborative art piece, envisioned and fabricated by Lee Higginson of Fluke Craft with content created by current, future and former students of Port Hope High School, as well a teachers and community members.

The piece is made up of over 200 individual works of art. Each square is as unique as each student that it represents at the school. Some are colourful. Some are bold. Some are more muted and subtle. Some use the entire square and some just a corner. There are no duplicates. Each individual person associated with Port Hope High School (PHHS) created their own small section and, as a whole, it represents a community. While all different, each squares is bound together to make something more spectacular than the individual.

The art is to be prominently hung in downtown Port Hope at Racine Law. Owner Melanie Racine is a founding member of the Port Hope Education Network (PHEN). PHEN’s mission is to create healthy relationships between the Port Hope community and it’s schools. Lee Higginson (Fluke Craft) approached Ms Racine about using her centrally located window for a community art project. PHHS Principal Ron MacDonald was also enthusiastic when asked for the participation of the school. The timing coincided with the creation of PHEN, and the idea was born.

“Bringing this art project to the main street will be a vibrant reminder of the importance of our local schools and, of course, the students who learn there” says artist, Lee Higginson.

Additionally, a “twin” piece of this project will be assembled and displayed at Port Hope High School in the near future.