A Vibrant Community Where Learning Thrives

We are committed to supporting our students, families, and schools. Through fundraising, special events, volunteerism, and awareness, we hope to make Port Hope a community where every student has the opportunity to thrive.

Ensuring a bright future for our students requires buy-in from all parties: the school and staff, the school board, local and provincial government, parents, and the community. The enthusiasm is there, but a leader is needed; the Port Hope Education Network is ready to be this leader.

Our initial focus will be on Port Hope High School.

Port Hope High School

PHHS is struggling. Declining enrolment means that programming is limited, and classrooms and facilities sit under-utilized. This leads to a vicious cycle in which PHHS cannot attract more students.

We want to help PHHS become a place where every student can get the education they want, participate in the activities that interest them, and feel proud about the school they are part of.

There are several ways we will approach this effort, including:

  • Hosting or promoting events in the school, to help showcase the facilities and boost enthusiasm.
  • Fundraising to support student- or school-led initiatives that will improve learning opportunities, facilities, or activities.
  • Volunteering to run or assist with clubs, sports, or other special interest groups.
  • Advocating for improved programming, transportation, and specialized training.
  • Cheering on PHHS students and staff whenever and however we can.